We only fit Paradox® alarm systems.  We are absolute experts with Paradox systems and can thus tailor-make a solution that suits you.  Because we are specialists in one brand we are able to offer superior advise, technical support and warranty terms.  We are not typical “jacks-of-all-trades, master-of-none” alarm installers.


Electronic security systems lie at the heart of your home or business security.  Utter discretion is paramount, in that alarm installers more often than not have full access to your home or office and, indeed, are familiar with the location and setup of your system.  We work alone and do all the work ourselves, thus ensuring minimal intrusion and the highest standards of workmanship.


Our business is built on our reputation for reliability.  This is one  of the reasons we choose Paradox®.  When we say it can be so, it will be!  When we say it can’t :  Try someone else at your own peril.  We will not make promises we can’t keep and when we say 9am, we mean 9am!

Smile.  Security has never been so simple

Why Two White Guys?


We are independent security solution providers.  Not being affiliated to any given armed response company means that we can offer a bespoke security solution to match your exact requirements, circumstances and risk profile.  We will not push you into “whatever system we happen to be selling this month.”  You have the freedom to negotiate your own armed response contract, should you so desire.

Two White Guys

   Life Protection Systems

Independent, Specialist, Discreet, Reliable

For a no obligation survey of your security requirements  contact

Andre Louw

Phone: 082 463 5899

Fax: 086 694 7913

E-mail: andre@twowhiteguys.co.za

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